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What a long and strange journey it's been...

I have a homepage?!

Wow! I really must apologize for taking so long in setting up my homepage.

My (sur)name is Anthony Bnot-Norad (it's pronounced "Beh-NO", "NO-rad"). He is a character in a series of books that I am currently writing.

I've been playing (on and off regretably) for two years. My personal inspiration began with Kirk Hammett. From then I went on to explore Satch, Vai, Soundgarden, 311, and more recently, System of a Down and Fear Factory, Disturbed, Korn, MegaDeth, Eric Johnson, George Benson, Will Landrum, Jon Finn and even Prince!

So I'd say that musically wise, I've gone full circle (from the melodic to the HEAVY and so forth).

I'm really psyched now that I understand that my musical horizons will ALWAYS be expanding. It's not even a point of being "good enough" anymore. It's just a matter of enjoying the ride.

Although I'm no where near good enough, I take pride in knowing that I'm now nurturing my own musical ideas and I look forward to seeing where that will take me...

Musical Influences

  • Kirk Hammett
  • Joe Satriani
  • Dahondo B. Smith

Favorite Recordings

  • Where the Wild Things Are - Metallica Reload
  • How can I choose just ONE satch song???
  • No really, HOW?!!