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Can Die Happy Project

What is this all about?

Well I started writing some songs way back in 1986 when I first got a Bass and started learning how to play.

Since then I have been tinkering with home recording and projects mostly involving audio for video.

I am currently working on scoring a movie and have started building an all digital project / portable studio for on location recording.

My Gear - In cronological order

Peavy T-40 Fretless Base - 1987
Max Fleisher - Flash 34 fret stick style Bass - 1991 ( is was made sometime in the early 80's )
Yamaha Pacifica 112 w/GK2A - 1998
Roland GR-30 - 1998
Line 6 Pod - 1999
Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm - 1999
M-Audio Omni-I/O Studio w/Delta 66 - 1999
B. C. Rich Platinum Series Acrylic MockingBird (Green) - 2000
MX-8 MIDI Patchbay/Processor - 2001

To be acquired in early 2001
Pod Pro
Bass Pod Pro
Behringer 48 point Patchbay

For composing and editing I have a AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1000 with 768 MB and 152GB of storage.
and for GigaStudio I have a rackmounted AMD Athlon Thunderbird 850 with 512 MB and 120GB RAID.