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Becca Clayton

My experience with the guitar

I first started playing the guitar in fourth grade. My elementary school music teacher gave lessons and I took them for two years. The lessons consisted of her teaching about eight of us kids some basic chords, and then we'd strum along while she sang. All I really remember is that it made my fingers hurt.

My guitar was bright red, kid sized and acoustic. For years it sat in my closet because I knew that someday I would play it more. During junior high and high school I would get it out in the summer and teach myself. That was how I learned the basic notes on the strings, some scales, and learned to fingerpick out some songs. I wasn't playing often enough and it still made my fingers hurt, but I remember finding enjoyment in teaching myself and having success.

In college I found myself awed by some of the other guitar players around me. Unfortunately none of them ever were friends of mine, just people at talent shows, etc. I continued teaching myself off and on.

Then I got married (I'm still in college but about to graduate finally!) and about 8 months into our marriage my husband's little brother came out to our college as a freshman. He would come over and hang out at our place a lot. And he naturally gravitated toward my little red guitar. He played it for hours, and pretty soon he was teaching me.

It became really obvious, rather quickly that my little guitar was holding me back. Not only did the strings make my fingers hurt so bad that I could only play for about half an hour max before I had to stop, but the kid sized fret board was to small for my adult hands.

So, for Christmas my husband, his brother, and I went guitar shopping. We looked around and finally bought me a beautiful classical guitar at a local pawn shop for $120. It was well worth it.

I was afraid it would be hard to adjust to a full size guitar after my kiddie one, but I fell in love with my new guitar instantly. Not only does it look good, it also plays well-- it just sounds so beautiful! And the nylon and silver strings let me play for hours and hours. Pretty soon I was playing for a couple of hours every day and loving it. I'm just a beginner, but I am finding great enjoyment in learning and playing.

Musical Influences

  • Indigo Girls
  • Eric Clapton