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One day i'll do something worthwhile...

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Howdy. that's a Ghandi quote, by the way. For now, I'm content to play guitar in the background. But one day I'll write something that will do something momentous. I know, I know. It's vague. And that's what we all say. But I believe it. Absolutely.

Just wait.

The gear.

I just spoiled meself with a Larrivee OM5VE sweet in the extreme. I also recently had a moment of, call it clarity, catharsis, what you will, and offloaded everything that wasn't 'paying rent'. So my set up now consist of a Highway One Strat (the 2006 upgrade model, in honey blonde) and a Fender Blues Junior, the Larrivee, a Technics keyboard and a basic home studio set up. Ready to do my thang.