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Welcome to Greg's Guitar Page

Welcome to my Guitar page. I have been playing guitar for a total of about 18 years or so, but had not seriously played for many years. I couldn't deny the need for music in my life anymore, so I started again about three years ago. I've lost quite a bit of the songs I used to know, but the ability quickly came back. I am interested in learning guitar and music theory again and understanding my instrument. In the past year, I've actually started to write some of my own music.

I love to play 12-string and I just recently acquired an Ovation Custom Legend 12 String. If you ever get the chance to play one--do it! It is the most beautiful sounding guitar I have ever heard.

I am a Christian and I occasionally play in church. I have even played some of my original material in church and it was received favorably. I thank God for giving me the ability to play, and I hope to offer my talents back to Him in service to Him.

I am always learning, so feel free to offer advice!

Although I've played for many years, I still consider myself a novice. I always played from tabulature books and never understood the theory behind the music. I had the opportunity to play with some friends the other day and simply playing with others and asking questions really helped me understand some of the basics of the music and its components.

If I need help understanding something, I ask you to volunteer a new idea or anything that might be interesting on the subject of guitar playing.

I hope that we all can share our music knowledge and ideas together.

I have receive much valuable feedback from the other musicians on this site concerning my musical submissions. All I can say is, "Thanks!" I have learned a lot from this site and hope to continue to do so. This is a great forum for musical dialogue, and the others on this site try to actually teach you, rather than just bash your music as "bad". Thanks again to all!

Musical Influences

  • Andres Segovia
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Larry Carlton

Favorite Recordings

  • Segovia Collection Vol. 5, "My Favorite Works"
  • Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 21
  • "If I Could, I Would" - Larry Carlton