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Young Blood With Superior Sound

Will Hess

Hey my name is Will Hess, and i've been playing for only a couple years now. I haven't been around long but i'm begining to discover the beauty of the thing called a "GUITAR" and being able to make it sing. I'm currently without a full band, due to a lot of creative differences and have only a singer and really bad bassist. I play a hottrodded Fender Squier Heavy Metal Strat through a Peavy Renown . As for effects, all i really use is a Digitech RP-7 and a Morely Volume/Distortion pedal.

Musical Influences

  • Nirvana- Kurt Cobain, Hendrix
  • Dave Navarro, Zakk Wylde
  • Metallica

Favorite Recordings

  • Metallica- Reload
  • Nivana- Nevermind
  • Papa Roach- Love Hate Tragedy