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Everything but an Expert

Who is this guy?

"Thanks for noticing me" Eyeore I'm an avid if not competent guitarist. I play a Washburn Shadow Electric through a home built tube amp on a church worship team (and rockin' out in my house.)

I also play an Ovation electo-acoustic and an old Epi dreadnaught that sounds a whole lot better than it should.... but they both really belong to my wife.

Right now I'm smitten by the blues. I've always been hooked by things that are harder than they look.

I haven't found a musical genre that I can't listen to and enjoy.... well, some of the hip hop stuff I could do without, but I try to keep an open mind.

I'm just here to soak up the knowledge and occasionally maybe make a useful comment.

Musical Influences

  • Clapton, old Clapton, new Clapton, any Clapton
  • THE old time punk rockers...The Ramones
  • The virtuoso rockers, Yes, Kansas

Favorite Recordings

  • Pretty much anything, suggestions?