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The Welcome Paragraph

I'm a big time gear head, not such a great guitarist, so direct your questions accordingly

The Goods

I've got Fender Fat Strat, which I have modified by putting in a Seymour Duncan JB, a dummy coil in the middle and SD alnico pro II in the neck...seems to be working just fine.

A Carvin bolt kit with dual humbuckers- Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck and Alnico 5 in the bridge. It's a little thin on the neck, so when money becomes plentiful I'll drop a big ol' neck in with jumbo frets in there.

I've also got an Ibanez AW 100 CE acoustic/electric guitar w/ solid Engelmann Spruce top which desperately needs a nut/bridge filing.

As for amplification,I've got a Rivera Knucklehead (old version) 55 watt tube head that has kept my ears ringing and fingers moving for the past couple of years. I'm playing this through 2x12 loaded with a Celestion H30 and a Celestion V30. I installed an external bias pot where the second speaker jack used to be and a test point where the lineout jack used to be so I can set the bias without having to take the head out of its box.

So far, I'm a big fan of Electro Harmonix 6v6's which can handle plate voltages up to 475V and some Russian (Sovtek) 6L6's. I tend to bias around 25 mA/tube and go slightly hotter when I need some more crunch.

This amp also utilizes some THD YJSD yellow jacket tube converters which fit in the octal socket, drop the plate voltage and convert the amp to class A while using a noval EL-84. Wouldn't be complete without the 8 ohm hotplate either.

Musical Influences

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Jimmy Page
  • Robert Johnson

Favorite Recordings

  • Live at Montreaux, In Step=== SRV
  • The Who===Tommy
  • A lot of other classic rock tunes