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Playing for myself


My name is James friends call me Jimmy I am new to this so if I do something stupid or wrong I apologize. By the way. I was asked on a survey how long I have been playing. The real answer is 15 years,but that may be misleading because I have never taken lessons or practiced like I should. I made most of my progress in the last 2 years. I feel I have a very good ear and have figured out some of my favorite songs by myself. I know I could use some lessons. Anyway I will still keep strumming regardless.

Need advice

I currently play a Applause and I am happy with it,but I want to aquire a better guitar. My lack of knowledge is a hindrance.I dont know what I am buying or if I am getting ripped off. All the guitars I have really been impressed with are too expensive to afford. Can anyone give any advice?

Musical Influences

  • Highschool music teacher (Acapella choir)
  • guitars fascinate me
  • Any one who can play good guitar

Favorite Recordings

  • Cant list them all. Pink Floyd, Yes,Zepplin, Beatles
  • CSN,Kansas,Hendrix etc,etc