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The Blues Infusion

Working on a CD

It's been a while, but I'm glad to be back, dammit!! Okay, so I'm at work on my CD. It's coming along nicely. A four-song Advance should be out sometime by the end of July. I expect to complete the project--10 or 12 songs!--by late autumn. Either way I'll keep y'all posted. It's been a great journey!

Some Influences Include...

John Hiatt's new record is out, called "Beneath the Gruff Exterior". It's a departure from the last, "The Tiki Bar is Open". He's got the Goners backing him up, and has cranked down the distortion. Just the same, it's a good record. Go out and get it today!

Also, I've been listening to the Jayhawks as well. Just an all-around good rock band. "Hollywood Townhall" truly is a modern classic. You can find it at any secondhand music store for about $7.

That's all for now. Keep on keepin' on!

Musical Influences

  • Johnny Cash
  • Robert Earl Keen
  • John Hiatt

Favorite Recordings

  • When the Man Comes Around
  • The Road Goes on Forever
  • My Baby Blue