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Night Of The Living Shred

Ronnie Harris has been involved in almost every genre of rock music you can think of. Currently, I would consider myself a Fusion/Rock player in the form of Vai, Satriani etc. But I started out in a local Prgressive Thrash act called Surgeon in 1992.

Musically Incorrect.....

In that band, I had my share of vintage Punk Covers such as the New York based Dead Boys song "Ain't Nothin to do" and the Ramones "I'm Against it". Somewhere..those sessions exist on tape along with original thrash metal songs. Since then though, I've moved in a more instrumental rock direction.I still frequently like playing Thrash and Punk though. The idea of a Punk song, like "I'm Against It" with lyrics like, "I don't like Burger King, I don't like Anything!!!". the Idea of that getting someone mad. And it has believe me. Is very, funny. Right now, I'm going to start focusing on my Instrumental Rock Career and studio/session work...

I use: ESP Guitars, Mesa/Boogie, Seymour Duncan, Ernie Ball Strings, Snarling Dogs, Rocktron, and Monster Cables

Musical Influences

  • Eddie Van Halen
  • Steve Vai
  • Joe Satriani, and to many others to name...

Favorite Recordings

  • Van Halen - Van Halen
  • Master of Puppets - Metallica
  • Practice What You Preach - Testament/Band of Gypsies - Hendrix