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Scott Finck


I am 28, and have been playing seriously for about 2 years now. I am mostly interested in blues/rock type music. My main guitar is a '78 Fender Strat with a Floyd Rose tremolo. I string it with Ernie Ball fat bottom skinny top strings. I also have a Peavy T-60, Takamine 12-string acoustic, and a Montana 6-string acoustic. I use a Crate 120 watt stereo amp, Digitech GSP-128 rack mount processor, Boss distortion/sustainer, and a cry baby. I haven't written any decent original music yet, but i plan to in the future. I seem to be lacking in inspiration at the moment, or maybe I'm just too busy...

Musical Influences

  • Led Zepplin, Clapton(and all of his bands), Hendrix
  • SRV, Gary Hoey, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath
  • David Gilmour, I could go on forever...

Favorite Recordings

  • (god, it's so hard to choose)Chicago-Colour My World
  • Traffic-Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, Pink Floyd-Fearless
  • Black Sabbath-Faries Wear Boots, ok! enough