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You came in anyway!

Welcome to my music closet! A 10'x12' spare bedroom that houses all my music stuff and my computer. The internet is becoming almost as addictive as playing music. Well what about me? I'm 34, married w/o kids, and work too much to really play as much as I'd like to. I started playing keyboards 18 years ago while in high school. My brother and friends were all guitar players, so a few years ago I started "playing" guitar when I got bored with the keys. I'm a child of the late 70's and early 80's, so I like everything hard rock from Kiss to Creed as well as prog rock like Pink Floyd and Rush. I also happen to be a Christian so I've listened to a lot "Christian Rock." Since I live in Texas, I also have to listen to country every once in a while. I would say that I'm an above average keyboard player, a somewhat limited guitar player, and a pretty good song writer and arranger. I play by ear, but I know just enough music theory to be dangerous. (Dangerous to the rules of music theory that is.) I've never had any formal lessons or training. I went to college (Texas A & M, Gig'em Ags!) and have a Marketing degree. I love advertising and good sales people. And by the way, "TrailerTodd" comes from the fact that I sell manufactured homes, or "trailers" as some of our customers still call them.

I gotta confess...I'm a gear hound.

I've always thought that being a full-time giggin' musician would be great. But, having a real day job has its advantages. Over the years I've been blessed with a pretty good studio set up. My main guitar is a Godin LGX-SA; it is sweet. I also have an Ibanez RG270, an Ibanez SR400 bass, an Ovation AE, and a Epiphone LP. My guitar amp is a Mesa/Boogie Recto-verb combo, and I use a Digitech RP2000, an Ibanez tube screamer, and whammy for effects. I play my keyboads and acoustic through a Peavy KB100 amp. I'll admit that since I'm not a real technical or speedy guitar player, I use tone and effects a lot of times to say what I want to. If you want to talk gear, bands, or swap tapes send me a note at my E-mail above. If you work for one of the above mentioned companies, you can e-mail my endorsement contract to the same address.

Musical Influences

  • Kerry Livgren & Rich Williams of Kansas
  • Neal Schon & Jon Cain of Journey
  • Dan Huff, Billy Smiley, Gordon Kennedy (all of White Heart)

Favorite Recordings

  • Anything by Kansas, Jouney, Genesis, Yes, and too many more
  • Pink Floyd - Pulse, Rush - Stages
  • Anything by Petra, White Heart and Michael W. Smith