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The Hip Guitarist's Guide Through The 21st Century

Let me introduce myself........

My name is David Ernspiker. I'm the Director of Education at Mom's Music with locations in Louisville,Ky & Jeffersonville, IN. I teach over 50 Private students a week and I'm finishing my first book "The Hip Guitarist's Guide Through The 21st Century". The Guide is my process for understanding Harmony and how to relate it to the Fretboard. It will available soon through

Stop by and see me........

I offer free online guitar lessons at

Musical Influences

  • Lindsey Buckingham \ Prince
  • Yngwie Malmsteen \ Edward Van Halen
  • Eric Clapton \ Jimi Hendrix

Favorite Recordings

  • Yngwie Malmsteen-Concerto for Electric Guitar & Orchestra i Eb Minor Opus:1~Millenium Suite~
  • Van Halen - Van Halen I
  • O(+> (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)- The Gold Experience