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Da House 'o Newbieness

Welcome To Da House 'o Newbieness

Hi! I don't know why you're here, but I'm glad you came. My name is Brandon, although online I usually go by Rattlehead. I'm a beginner guitarist, although I've fooled around with the guitar for a few years. I hope you like what you see here!

What Do I Like?

I tend to be a bit of a Metalhead, although I have little tolerance for "noise metal". But, I have widely varied musical tastes, which is one reason why I like the guitar. It's at home in any style or genre!

Musical Influences

  • Marty Friedman - Shred-king of the first order!
  • Randy Rhoads - Gone, but never forgotten...
  • Tony Iommi - The original Master of Sludge-Metal!

Favorite Recordings

  • Megadeth - Rust In Peace - Thrash from the golden days!
  • Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath - The original, bay-bee!
  • Enya - Watermark - Hey, I said I had varied tastes!