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Help I've fallen and I can't fret up.

At Christmas

I got my son a starter set from the local store, Ibanez GRX40 with a 10 watt amp, strap, strings, gig bag, tuner and lesson video. My wife got me an Ibanez AX120 for Christmas and my daughter's boy friend gave me his old 15watt Radio Shack amp to start with. Next I need a Digitech RP100. Of course I'll let my son play either guitar. I also got my wife a keyboard, and my son plays with that as much as his guitar.


My son declined to take lessons so I'm taking them. I try to show him what I'm learning but he doesn't seem that interested. He has been talking with a friend at his school that plays keyboard about starting a band. I figure a couple more years and he will be interested in girls, then when he realizes how teenage girls are impressed by musicians he might get more serious. great site for maintaince.

Musical Influences

  • Aerosmith/ Joe Perry
  • Queen/ Brian May
  • Harold Faltermyer

Favorite Recordings

  • Just too many to choose from