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Introducing "THE GOGS"

You have reached Mitchy... like you, I am a rock star. Been playing for 12 years.. Been in Kansas City for 2 My dream of being in a rock band has finally come true. THE GOGS, a pop/rock combo from Kansas City will be invading your airwaves soon.

The Gogs' First album "Mittens and Jeans" was relaeased in April, 2003.

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. i play thru 2 setups. 1st my blue fender mexican tele thru a danelectro compressor into a fender blues deville 4 x 10. for heavier stuff, epiphone les paul standard gold top thru marshall mg100rcd head & vs412 4x12 cab.

Musical Influences

  • Weezer, Ween, Wesley Willis, Wyclef
  • Anything that begins with a W :)

Favorite Recordings

  • tenacious d
  • Weezer-Blue Album & Pinkerton
  • Cake-Fashion Nugget