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A Lifelong Love Affair with Music...

Teaching Old Fingers...New Riffs

My love for guitar playing started at five years old. I was given a tattered, full-sized, arch top, f hole, sunburst, steel stringed Harmony. It was huge, but I still mananged to learn "House of the Rising Sun" and "Dueling Banjos" was 1970. Do you remember your first song?

On Again...Off Again

That first guitar met it's demise under the weight of a neighbors son in 1972. I was heartbroken. The girl across the street, a real live hippy, gave me her old St. George acoustic (complete with pink and orange flower sticker on the back, I still have it).

For the next twenty-eight years it was an "On again...Off again" relationship.

Earlier this year my wife encouraged me to rekindle my love for the guitar along with the singing I had been asked to do. I thank her every day for that. In the last six months I have assembled quite the collection of guitars (10 acoustics, 2 electric and 1 Bass)and have been playing my fingers to the bone. I start rehearsing with a band next Thursday and gigs are already booked from January thru the summer.

Now it's my turn to help my neighbor kid(s) with their broken guitars. I repair guitars, violins and basses and loan them out to get kids started. I call them my Karma-guitars. It is my hope that when I die and earn my wings and harp that God will surprise me with a Les Paul and a big amp.

Musical Influences

  • Andre Sergovia
  • J.S. Bach
  • Steven Tyler

Favorite Recordings

  • Frankenstein
  • More than a feeling
  • Hotel California (new)