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Joe Ramirez

Welcome fellow Musicians and a Grand Hello!

Check out my acoustic project at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/VIOLENTMAGDALENA tell me what you think! And now back to original programming...

My name is Joe and I have been playing for about a considerable amount of years. These past years I have found myself in a variety of bands.I have learned alot from other musicains so much so that...that in itself has been the biggest contribution to my with that being said, see ya.

My Stuff!

My gear consists of a Carvin combo,Boss eq.,DoD rack mounted noise gate,Alesis Quadraverb for effects and a Boss rack mounted compressor. I mainly go with a good distortion.I've gotten pretty close to Eddie Van Halens' brown sound. Much like the sound on the first Van Halen CD.

Musical Influences

  • Johnny Cash/ Eddie Van Halen/Steve Vai
  • Greg Howe/ Tony Iommi/Mike Lee Ferkins
  • Ritchie Kotzen/Ted Nugent to name a few!

Favorite Recordings

  • Ozzys' Diary of a Madman
  • The first Greg Howe cd
  • Kiss alive 2