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Hey People

I LOVE guitar!!

Hey, im Joel. i just turned 19 and ive been playin guitar for around 3 years. I started on the keys, however, and they remain my main instrument.

My philosophy

1. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in numbers.

2. Never trust a naked woman.

3. Always have as much fun as possible.

4. If everything is coming your way...the maybe you're in the wrong lane.

Musical Influences

  • Zeppelin,Metallica,Doors,Stones,Beck,Cake,Megadeth,SRV,Hendrix,Ozzy,Moby,Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Jefferson Airplane, Snow, NIN
  • B B King, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Pink floyd, the who,buddy guy, limp bizkit, SUBLIME, nirvana, pearl jam, STP, REM,
  • george thorogood, marty robbins, the yardbirds,beatles,fiona apple, sarah mclaughlin, chili peppers,CCR,bob dylan,Tchaikovsky,