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Well here we are 2001 and this ain't no space odessay>>> I'm a wanna be blues player with a little over 2yrs of lessons under my belt. My guitars are an Epiphone Sheriton and an Epiphone Fatboy 210 (a Fender wanna be fat strat) Let us know if you are a blues player and your favorite sites or clubs to visit!

Good Places I've been

Best blues bar in Indianapolis is Slippery Noodle Detroit--Attic Bar on Jos Compau Taylor Blues Festival (usually in August) Check them out! Don't forget to enjoy Arts,Beats & Eats next year. I enjoyed a rousing performance by the great Harmonica Shaw this year. It was nothing short of fabulous!! Come on Detroiters give it up...where are the best blues around?? Hey the Turnarounds will be playing occasionally at the Alibi in Farmington.( :) Jeff ) I think these guys just simply like each other way to much not to play together. Question: What happens to retired blues players? Really, I want to know. Do they ever stop playing? I've heard some really old dudes play....

Musical Influences

  • B B King--riding with the king
  • Eric Clapton--unplugged & riding with the king
  • Cheryl Crow--globe sessions

Favorite Recordings

  • Tracy Chapman, gimme one reason, Lessons
  • Eric Clapton Unplugged
  • Globe sessions

Favorite Lessons