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Starving artist


I'm Matt Ladiski. Iam just a starving artist. I just want you to know me. I'm building this to get local music and news from Greenville MI out into the open.

A Little About Me

I've been playing guitar for a little bit. My old band and I just broke up and I'm in the process of creating a new one. I have been playing semi-pro (few gigs a week) for a year or so. I try to focuse on new age metal and punk but I do play clasic rock if the gig calls for it.

Musical Influences

  • Maynard james Keenan
  • Billy Howerdel
  • Tom Morello

Favorite Recordings

  • Cowboys from hell, Pantera
  • Judith, A Perfect Circle
  • FortySix & 2, Tool