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Jim Wagner

Damn right I got the blues

The beginning...

I got a guitar for my 12th birthday in 1967 and I've had guitars ever since. In 1975 I traded in a Strat and a Sunn amp for an Ovation Custom Balladeer. Figured it would be easier to haul around while I was in the Air Force. Eventually my interest in playing folk and country music waned. Sometimes I'd go for months without playing.

The rebirth...

Around 1996 I re-discovered the blues. And it took me over. I eventually tired of trying to learn blues on my '75 Ovation and decided to buy a Strat again. I've been jammin to the Blues ever since.

Musical Influences

  • The 3 Kings: Albert, Freddy, and B.B.
  • Billie Holiday
  • Wes Montgomery

Favorite Recordings

  • Albert King: King of the Blues Guitar
  • B.B. King: Riding with the King
  • Wes Montgomery: West Coast Blues