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Abusin' the Blues

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Musically Speaking

I've been playing guitar a long time but I never really started learning it til a couple of years ago! I have two dreadnaught acoustics (both by Hohner). One's a beater that goes wherever I go. The other I use for performance. I just bought a third dreadnaught - Simon & Patrick 6 CW a solid spruce top player. I got a cutaway body to get higher up the fretboard. This ax is a sweety. I have also a Am. Std. Tele, and a Decca (old) ES 175 alike thin body arch top. This thing exudes the blues. I use a Korg Pandora PX2 with the strat - what a great little box! With the Decca I use A Duncan Crybaby Wah, Danelectro Danecho and Danelectro CoolCat chorus. I love and listen to every kind of music I can. African, Asian, Carribean, Latin, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, Techno... you name it.

My Place

I live in the Santa Cruz mountains an hour south of San Francisco. I'm a Silicon Valley Software Engineer. I play in a band, The Kakofones . We play what you might call experimental blues. Mixing up tradional blues with some pretty off the wall stuff - exotic scales, etc.

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Musical Influences

  • Robert Johnson
  • Ali Farka Toure
  • Muddy Waters and his protogee R.L. Burnside

Favorite Recordings

  • Play, Album by Moby
  • Come On In, Album by R.L. Burnside
  • Californication, Album by Red Hot Chili Peppers