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old picture, bad picture, damn I'm beautiful

Gentle Giant seeks loving cat to share sunsets and walks on the beach.

Hello visitor. Sit down, can I get you some tea? Beer? Nothing? OK that's cool I understand. What? That, oh that's nothing just a little piece of memorabilia I picked up at a Bon Jovi concert. Yes I am aware that it is mens underwear. No you can't have it, it is important to me. In fact just get out! I don't appreciate your attitude.

What I actually do

I am bored quite often, sit on the couch, write stupid things on the internet, you understand. I've been playing for around five or six years now, although my ability is dissapointing for that much time playing. I like playing country music, classic rock, and the weird stuff I make up. I've got a band, we're all a little off and you can check out the sight if you want. However by doing so you do so with the knowledge that some of the content maybe offensive to some and I warn that if you are offended easily, or like a normal person you should not view the site. By doing so you agree that you don't have a stick up your a-- and aren't going to sue me. Not that you'd get anything, I'm poorer than Metalica in their early days. . I recommend checking out the bands I recommend here because I am a snob and have awesome taste.

Let me know what you think, respond I enjoy talking

Musical Influences

  • weezer
  • phil pritchett
  • my cat

Favorite Recordings

  • Too far to care by the Old 97's. incredible, just incredible
  • Telephono by Spoon, austin band and great
  • Yoshimi battles the robots by the Flaming Lips, less incredible but damn good