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It's My Hobby

My Dad Got Me Started

My dad played for 30 years. I remember him playing around the house with a band. This was during the late 60s. They played a lot of Elvis, Buddy Holly, etc. He used to play in Vegas and Atlantic City as well as Philly. It was his main source of employment. He had one of those hollow body Gretsch's. And a similar Epiphone with an AMP who's name escapes me.

Took Lessons as a Kid and left it Alone

I hadn't touched a guitar since I was a kid. I picked it up again about three years ago. I never really played that much. Now I am into it again. Treated myself to a Martin 000M15. This is a really entry level Martin, but provides extraordinary sound and playability for beginner like me.

Musical Influences

  • Eric Clapton
  • Bob Dylan
  • Johnny Cash

Favorite Recordings

  • Before you Accuse Me - Clapton