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Dont say I didn't create a homepage!

The Hohner Marine Band diatonic harmonica.


Welcome to my extremly humble homepage, you have absolutley nothing to do here so I suggest you leave, but feel free to waste your time reading this annoying paragraph.

Just a little about me . . .

My name is Omer, I am 18 years old from Israel, I've been playing classic guitar for about 5 years on and off (mostly off) but about a year ago I started playing seriously (if you call that serious), bought me an electric guitar, hated it and about 6 months ago found my place in the world of Acoustic Blues, I am now playing a low-budget SkyLark G9712 Acoustic Guitar which is simply incredible for the low price of $300.

But I hate guitar, I don't know why I keep playing it, Harp is my main instrument, I play diatonic harps for blues (Lee Oskars mainly for all harp-heads), Chromatic Harps for Jazz (Hohner 270 and Hering Baritono 6148) and soon to be playing a Bass Harp (265 Double Bass).

I also play a bit Saxophone and bass, but thats silly, I play harp & guitar sometimes, but I rather play each alone.

I just started playing the piano, hope this goes out well. I love it!

Latley I spend most of my days composing...

My Harmonica collection:

Diatonic harps: (For blues)

Lee Oskar Major: (Keys of D,A,G,F)
Hohner Blues Harp: (Key of E)

Hohner Cross Harp: (Key of C)

Hohner Golden Melody: (Key of Bb)

Chromatic Harps (For jazz):

Hohner 270 Chromonica (Key of C)

Hering 6148 Baritono (Key of Baritone C)

hering6148.jpg <-- favourite

This sums up about 8 hours of my day. Have a nice, err, something.

One more thing, God bless WholeNote, I think its incredible, first on-line society which I like.

Musical Influences

  • Eric Clapton
  • Toots Thielemans
  • Matti Caspi

Favorite Recordings

  • Miles' Kind Of Blue
  • Matti Caspi's One To One
  • Genesis' Selling England By The Pound

Favorite Lessons