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Christopher Sung

Welcome To My World

Giving my nephew and his dog a lesson ...

A Stereotypical Beginning

My name is Chris, and I started playing guitar when I was about 11 in pretty much the stereotypical fashion. I saw a friend of mine play Stairway to Heaven and I was hooked. I begged my parents for a guitar and they bought me a cheap acoustic for $60 from the local record store in a mall in New Jersey. I remember the summer when I was 13, when I went through the entire Led Zeppelin Complete book learning every tune in it. My parents eventually rewarded me with my very own cherry-sunburst Les Paul Standard from Sam Ash in New York City, allowing me to further imitate my hero, Jimmy Page.

Turning To Jazz

After going through my Jimmy Page phase and a Randy Rhoads stage, I started to play jazz when I was about 19. I heard Mike Stern play on "The Man with the Horn" and I completely freaked. Here was a guy who was mixing Hendrix-type licks with bebop lines and I thought, "this is how I want to play". From then on, heavy periods of listening to Pat Metheny, Tribal Tech, and Keith Jarrett ensued. Lately, I'm starting to listen a lot more to alternative rock, but I think at heart, I'm a jazzer.

Musical Influences

  • Pat Metheny, Frederick Burton, Rick Payman, Peppe Lahtinen
  • Keith Jarrett, Jeremy Cotton, Josh Graves, Stefan Leonhardt
  • Scott Henderson, Gary Regester, John Rice, Bill Dux

Favorite Recordings

  • "Question & Answer" by Pat Metheny
  • "The Koln Concert" by Keith Jarrett
  • "Superunknown" by Soundgarden