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bit of stuff about me and music

I have been playing guitar for 8 years on and off, flirted with a few bands in my yoof, and have lately got into home recording on the PC. I mainly play accoustic (not folk), although I do have an old Epi which I pick up now and again for a few early "The Edge" style solos (ie crap!). I'm still working on the home recordings but not quite ready to climb the mp3 charts just yet.

swap tabs

Over the past twelve months I have built up a decent collection of tabs which sound good on the accoustic, plugged or un, Travis, Oasis, Gun & R, Lizzy, Sting, The Jam, Beatles, Eric, Crowded House, etc etc , so if anyone is having trouble finding something email me, more than happy to help.

I am currently searching for Coldplay tabs so if anyone can help me?

Musical Influences

  • beatles, oasis (yeah much the same), Travis, Coldplay
  • led zeppelin, thin lizzy (best live band ever)
  • crowded house, G & R, John Martyn, Dave Matthews

Favorite Recordings

  • too many to mention, anything with acoustic guitars in