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Adam, an angry man

Why I'm p---ed

Today with pop bands like KoRn and Limp Bizket struting around with there 7-string guitar, unable to play a good lick if they tried, are now the most poular. I blame the grunge rock era which killed shred and metal and brought forth s---y guitarist who no longer care about the talent aspect of music. People now days can no longer comprehend music that has any structure to it at all. It gives them a headache. Prog. rock is making a comeback but will never be as large as it was in the early 70's because generations become dumber and dumber. If a pop band has a solo in there song it doesn't last longer than 10 secs. tops. Televison, cd players, internet, etc. have turned us in to lazy sacks of s--- who don't fell like practicing there insturments and it has became accepted in our society because "we like to hear the distorted low notes. Hell give todays guitarist a 2 string guitar with a D and a low A and they are fine.

About me.

I'm not always p---ed. As Eric Clapton said, "the only time I'm happy is when I play my guitar." I have played guitar since I was 11 and I'm 17 now so do the math. My friend Chandler Oliver is a great guitarist and has tought me much about guitar so check out his page. I love shred, prog, experamental, metal, and a little rap (guilty pleasure). I try to practice a lot so I don't become a hypocrate but between work, school, cds, and tv, it gets hard. But I will become the most powerful enertainer ever and you will all bow to my feet.

Musical Influences

  • Steve Vai
  • Buckethead
  • Yngwie Malmsteen

Favorite Recordings

  • Passion and Warfare
  • Monsters and Robots
  • Collection