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Finger Frenzy

"The guys who pick with their fingers, they always have the best tone." -Eric Clapton.

Eric knew it and I agree. I love the tone that fingerstyle players like Albert King and Mark Knopfler can produce in a blues solo. The slapping, popping, plucking, and flicking that the right hand fingers and thumb are capable of creates many more tone possibilities than the plectum alone.

I enjoy solo fingerstyle guitar on both nylon and steel string acoustics. Along with the piano, the guitar is one of the most amazing solo instruments, especially when it's in the hands of the right player. It is so expressive and versitle, available to so many different types of music and musicians.

I am also a singer/songwriter, and have put years of patience and energy into that.

Check out my myspace profile for a couple tunes.

Musical Influences

  • Mark Knopfler, Lindsey Buckingham
  • Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Greatful Dead
  • Andres Segovia, Bach, my peers and teachers

Favorite Recordings

  • Fleetwood Mac: "The Dance"; Greatful Dead: "Reckoning"
  • Neil Young: "Decade"; Bob Dylan: "Live at Budokan"
  • John Williams performance of The first Bach Lute Suite