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Is there anybody listning ?

Hello everybody throughout the wholenote guitar community. In the little amount of time that I've joined I have been getting more answers (and faster) than I ever imagined. You guys/girls are the best, all of you. And if they ever ask me, I'll say : "Indeed, someone is listening very carefully."

My guitars and why I play gigs.

My first ever guitar was an accoustic one, but giving me that at the age of 8 wasn't that good of an idea. I learned to play on a folk guitar at age 16, whereupon I got a great guitar for my 17th birthday : a red Fernandez, Steeler-version (asymetrical flying-V). I started to develop some skill in the following years, played in a couple of garage bands, and two years ago I bought myself a new Fender Strat. I use 'em both for gigs : Red is violent. Strat is for the smoother songs.

(Dutch version is a ryme) Why I play gigs they asked me once and I answered just like the crazy boy who was beating on his head with a hammer, becouse it feels so great....

...To stop.

Musical Influences

  • PANTERA : for shear power without compromise
  • QUEENSRYCHE : for melody and feeling
  • Cliff Burton : For being who he was.R.I.P.

Favorite Recordings

  • Pantera : Cowboys / Driven
  • Queensrche : Operation : Mindcrime / Empire
  • Megadeth : Rust in Piece