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Guitar Tabs

My Guitar Tabs

Welcome to my site, i will be putting up guitar tabs on this site that people request so please if you want a tab email me and i'll try and get it for you. May take up to a week, depends on how busy i am.

Contacting Me

You can email me at or You can ICQ me at # 77267865 or send me a message using the link up the top, you will need to include an email address so i can send you the tab

Musical Influences

  • Tom Delong (blink-182)
  • The Offspring and Slipknot
  • Anything else exept five and backdoor boys i hate them

Favorite Recordings

  • Adam's Song -Blink 182
  • Dumpweed -Blink 182
  • Wait And Bleed - Slipknot