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DIVARIO JAZZ program 1 One Note Samba A.C. Jobim Latino cantato 2 Take the "A" Train Billy Strayhorn / Duke Ellington Swing Strumentale

3 Night & day Cole Porter Swing cantato

4 Blue Bossa Kenny Dorham Latino Strumentale

5 I never been in Love before Frank Loesser / arr Divario Arrangiato "Fusion"

6 Shake me Divario (Shaker song style) Fusion Strumentale

7 How Insensitive A. C. Jobim Latino cantato

8 In the Fall Divario (Autumn leaves style) Swing Strumentale

9 Birdland Weather report Fusion-Rock

10 Alone Together Swing cantato

11 Take Five Paul Desmond Swing Strumentale 5/4"

12 Moanin Hendricks / arr Divario Arrangiato "Fusion" Cantato

13 Solar Miles Davis Swing Strumentale

14 Nature Boy Eden Ahbez Latino cantato

15 Cantaloope Versione US3 Acid-Jazz

16 Cris Divario Fusion

17 It had to be you Swing cantato

18 This Masquerade George Benson / arr Divario Arrangiato "Fusion"

19 It Don't Mean a Thing if don't get that swing Swing cantato

20 I'm glad there is you Jimmy Dorsey "Ballade" cantata

21 All Blues Miles Davis Jazz Blues

My instrumental equipement

Guitar Gibson ES 335 1969 Fender Telecaster 1969 Ampli Fender Twin reverb Sound effects Roland gx-700 Hughes and Vettner

Musical Influences

  • Pat Metheny
  • Allan Holdsworth
  • Frank Gambale

Favorite Recordings

  • None too soon (Holdsworth)
  • Trought in