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Teaching my son the mamba!!!

Welcome to Jimmy's Jam Page

By now you have probably guessed my name is Jimmy. I have been playing guitar for about 25 years, but you wouldn't really know it since I have taken so many breaks from playing.

I have a cheatsheet that I put together in Excel format that has a bunch of theory references that all fit on one page. Check it out and let me know what you think.

My Gear

I really like playing classical and flamenco guitar, but I mostly play alternative and rock. I have a nylon accousting guitar, a Peavey (T-60) oak-body electric, a flying-V, and a TrueTone hollow body. The truetone may be a cheapy, but is the closest I will get to a hollow body any time soon. My amp is an old Peavey Studio Pro 40. It does the job, but needs to be replaced. Woohoo, I just bought a steel string Yamaha accoustic. It is 25 years old and in sweet shape.

Musical Influences

  • Stevie Ray Vaughn & Jimi Hendrix
  • Otmar Liebert, Django Reinholdt & Wes Montgomery
  • BB King & Eric Clapton & Brian Setzer

Favorite Recordings

  • Pseudo Suicide - Oysterhead
  • Little Wing - Hendrix
  • Merengue De Alegrias - Ottmar Liebert