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The Six String Journey

This is a pretty boring and old pic, I will try to get a better one later.

The Basics

Hey my name is Colin and I'm 17 yrs. old. I have been playing guitar for about 2 year now and I absolutly love it. I got started one day when I decide to pull my moms old acoustic down from the closet and mess around with it. Well anyway, it snowballed from there and I started to buy books to learn as much as I could, then I decide I wanted an electric. I ended up buying a Squier Standard Strat, not he best guitar out there but it works for me, and a Fender frontman amp. That all happened about 2 yrs ago and now I just purchased a PRS Santana SE and Digitech RP200 effects pedal. Im also in a band and I play with a bunch of really cool guys. We've been doing some gigs lately and it's been a lot of fun. Thats about all there is to say about my little corner of the guitar universe.

Guitar's Influence

Something I've come to realize after playing guitar for awhile is I have a new found appreciation for all kinds of music. Now I'll admit that a few years back I was your typical teenage guy who listened to korn and limp bizkit and hated anything that was soft or had rythm. But after I started playing guitar I started to like all kinds of music even classical and I definetly have a bigger respect for anyone who plays an instrument. Mabey someday down the road I'll be known for that music that I loathed so much.

Musical Influences

  • James Taylor, Nirvana, Dave Matthews Band
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pink Floyd, John Frusciante( this guy rocks so much he deserves a separate mention)
  • Alice in Chains, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jimmi Hendrix

Favorite Recordings

  • Californication, Nevermind, In Utero, Blood Sugar Sex Magik
  • Everyday, Led Zeppelin IV, Are you Expierenced?
  • Dark Side of the Moon, Dirt