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anything to do with guitars is very welcomed

I like to play metal and melodic tones! I like bands like Pantera,slipknot,zombie,pinkfloyd,ween,misfits,megadeth,metallica,danzig and many more! I like to play guitar and I am in the process of starting a band:)

my gear setup includes

a 86'charvel with sunburst paint and a EMG81 bridge pickup and two single coils{jackson} I also have a mid 80's kramer blue metallic pacer look alike but it has 3 S.D.single coils and both guitars have the floyd rose trems! I have a daniel accoustic{6 string} I bought this year and for effects I have a digitech RP2000 (which I did a review on},a zoom gfx707, and a danelectro fab tone {which I also did a review on} and a G600XL crate half stack! and for help online go to

Musical Influences

  • kirk hammet
  • dimebag darrel
  • eddie van halen

Favorite Recordings

  • cemetary gates{pantera}
  • too live is too die{metallica}
  • cathedral{van halen}