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Carlos Seo's Homepage

Carlos Seo's Homepage

Welcome to my home page. I'm a guitar player from Brazil and I started studying music theory and playing classical piano in 1993. In 1997 I became a classical guitar student and then I switched my focus to electric guitar in 1998. Although I still play classical guitar and the piano, my study now concentrates on the technique and composition on the electric guitar.

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Instructional Recommendations

Recommended instructional books, articles, audio and videos:

- 1984 Mini-lessons, by Steve Vai (series of articles available at
- Chord Chemestry, by Ted Greene (book)
- Guitar Clinic - Live at La Locomotive, by John Petrucci (CD)
- Martian Love Secrets, by Steve Vai (series of articles available at
- Rock Discipline, by John Petrucci (DVD)
- Tempo Mental, by Steve Vai (series of articles available at
- Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns, by Nicholas Slonimsky (book)

Musical Influences

  • Rock: Steve Vai, Jimmy Page, Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson
  • Blues: Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Eric Clapton
  • Classical: Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Bach

Favorite Recordings

  • G3 Live In Concert
  • Deep Purple In Concert with The London Symphony Orchestra
  • Steve Vai Live at the Astoria