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Tango groove

The south also plays!!

Hello there, friends at Wholenote around the globe, this is Agustin.

Im from Buenos Aires (this city is placed in Argentina, South America, below Brazil, well...nevermind) I started playing the electric guitar at 14, now Im 23. Im 58 height and 160 pounded, like to eat healthy food and drinks litres of water every day.

On weekends I also drink a lot of tequila and beer.

In regards to my equipment: I have a red Ibanez EX series, one electro-acoustic made by luthier, a little pedalboard ZOOM 1010, Crybaby Wha, Seiko metronome, several fluorescent-green tinted cords ,and heavy pics, and, of course, my Peavey transtube bandit 112 wich sounds just wonderful.

My very very first influence was SRV, I also love to hear the long sustained notes from Gary Moores ballads and play songs from Satriani and Vai (these two guys are like a couple, its impossible to write a single name without the another, try yourself at home)I have records from Van Halen, Mr. Big.

I like Hendrix but as a composer more than a guitarrist.(I know this is old-fashioned stuff, I mean, saying you like Hendrix, this days you should say you like...Kurt Cobain!!,men...I wish I die)

I also usually listen to Moody Waters, Clapton, Otis Rush, Santana, Marty Fiedman, ZZ top, etc.

I used to be a teacher at my home, but now I just dont have the time, cause I have a job, a collegge education in course and a girlfriend, but I always going to love that lady of the six strings (or seven).

Next thing Im going to do is to publish a Web page with a friend of mine, and put several lessons on this great community.

Stay in touch. Drink water. Practice. Have fun. Study to be free. Learn 20 licks a day.


Musical Influences

  • Steven Ray Vaughan
  • Steven Ciro Vai
  • Joseph Satriani

Favorite Recordings

  • Steven Ciro Vai-Tender surrender
  • Joseph Satriani-The crush of love
  • Gary Moore-Still got the blues

Favorite Lessons