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Jimmy and his Stringed Instrument

Anti-Bulls--- Punk

Truthful, honest, and even political punk .. my favorite type of music.

My Favorite Bands

-RANCID (forever) -OP IVY -DROPKICK MURPHYS -BOMBSHELL ROCKS -THE CLASH -POGUES -DISTILLERS ..and the non-punk but incredible activist-rap/rockers (too bad Zach quit) - RATM (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE).

Musical Influences

  • Zach de la Rocha, Tom Morello
  • Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederisken
  • Jesse Michaels,

Favorite Recordings

  • Rancid s/t (93 and 2K), ...And Out Come the Wolves (95) - Both by RANCID
  • Evil Empire by RATM, Energy by Op Ivy, Do or Die by Dropkick Murphys
  • ......more to come......