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Wendler electroCoustic guitars

Wendler electroCoustic

Taking the acoustic electric in a new direction

Just moved from Branson to back "home"...Lawrence, KS. After playing for a living most of my life and working for one of the big guitar manufacturers, I've been building these guitars for the last three years.

Having always to play electric guitar to make a living, and pining to do it on the acoustic, much of the last 10 years has been spent trying to find that elusive link between pure acoustic response and the sheer power of the electric guitar.

We developed the Dynafield pickup in the late '80's and early '90's, even got a patent on it and sold a couple of thousand(a low impedance design using NdFe magnet technology)...then it was off to Mississippi to work for a guitar manufacturer as the plant QA/Process engineer...even if I didn't care for the design of the products we were building, I sure learned a lot about the manufacturing process. For the first year after leaving Peavey the design of the "electroCoustic" evolved...I applied some of the knowledge I'd gained in this instrument and have come up with a guitar that is easy to build and just comes alive in your hands like a good acoustic.

How many styles can come out of one guitar?

I guess one of my problems as a guitarist has always been that I couldn't settle on one style of playing. I mean, the first two songs I learned to play were "I Want to Hold Your Hand"(Beatles) and "Faded Love"(Bob Wills). Of course this was in 1963.... By the late '60's it was Jimi and 1972, Norman Blake, and by the time I was making a living playing in bars and at weddings, Django...I believe, if you ever play one of my guitars, you will feel these influences under your hands...

Part of the philosophy in making a design like this is that it allows me to make a couple of hundred guitars a year, by myself, in my own shop. I can give personal attention to each make sure it leaves the shop as good as it can be. I'm never planning on building a guitar loaded with shell inlay, or one that has rare and exotic wood...just cedar and maple and rosewood, simple stuff that gives you great tone...

I have for nearly twenty years focused on acoustic amplification, installed just about every system available, and designed some of my own. If there is any way I can help you please let me know...I promise I won't try to sell you something unless you ask first...

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Here's a letter from one of my clients...

My guitar is working great....I love it...the band loves it even more, and the crowd loves it....My bass player said, "I could never get sick of listening to you on that thing....Everything you do is tasty" I'll tell you this guitar just wants me to play tasty stuff. I have good finger speed and that gets me a little too busy sometimes....This guitar wants me to lay back and groove...Thanks for helping me become a better musician.

Doug Russell

And one from a bassist in Chicago:

Hi, Dave -

Just got back from a couple of sessions and thought you'd be interested to hear some of the comments I got -

The engineer/owner of the studio has recorded both my Turner Renaissance

and the Taylor. When he was getting my levels set yesterday, he immediately said, 'Oh man, this sounds better than the Taylor........' - he was completely into the tone.

The keyboard player, who missed Monday's session, was listening back to some of Monday's tracks before starting in today, looked at me and said,

"I would've swore that was an upright on those cuts...."

I was knocked out by the tone we were getting on the tracks. I had the balance set about 70/30, favoring the piezo side. It sounded great through the headphones, but then it really came alive once we listened to it through a set of the pro level Genelec monitors.

Like I think I mentioned before, it was some trad. jazz stuff for a demo

- - and with the Wendler I'm finally getting the tone I've been trying to get for my jazz gigs. If only I hadn't run through 5 or 6 instruments to get here.......

Brian Gingrich

Send me an email with your address, and I'll get you a copy of our demo CD...including some great swing lines from Brian...

Musical Influences

  • Lennon-McCartney
  • Norman Blake
  • Django Reinhardt

Favorite Recordings

  • Norm Blake- Home in Sulphur Springs
  • Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower
  • Django- all of them