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Blue Heaven

My USAcolor>color>color> Hamer Archtop Studio..Photoflame Floyd Rose Strat and Peavey Classic 30 and Matching Ext. Cab

Welcome Wholenote Brethren


color> it's all good. Fixed bridges...Humbuckers or Soapbars...Tweedcolor> and Tubescolor>....lot's of Tubes. :|=color>}{color>=|:color> The way I figure it, if your a player, you're allright.color>

JAM ON!!!color>


About Ferg
I've been playing about 7 years, and consider myself intermediate as a player. But I have Passioncolor>, and if you have that, your halfway there. I manufacture guitar parts and accessories that are available at my guitar goodiescolor> website. Follow the link below.
Check it out and give me a shout if you like what you see!

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Fergs Guitar Goodies

Musical Influences

  • Hendrixcolor>
  • Joe Walsh (local hero from Wichita)
  • Billy Gibbonscolor>

Favorite Recordings

  • Hendrix "Redhouse"color>
  • James Gang and Solo Stuff
  • Any & ALL ZZcolor> Bluescolor>