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My happy place.

I'm a tech/luthier who has worked at many repair shops, and have come up with what good size handful of people consider improvements in bass and guitar building. I plan on combining my skills in handcarving and the use of machines to start "production" run variants of popular guitar designs. The first will be pitch necked Tele with a fully adjustable Ebony bridge, Quilted maple pickup covers, quilted maple pickguard,and a flame maple control plate. The other will be a strat in the same configuration. Right now I'm unsure of the price, but I'm almost sure it will be less than $1000, with hardshell case.

Some facts about me

I'm also the weirdest guitarist/Bassist living in the A-hole of the U.S, Mississippi.My musical influences include Nicolas Slominsky, Larry LaLonde, Todd Huth, Les Claypool, John Bonham, Buckethead, Joe pass,Mike Keneally, Freddy King, Trey Anastasio,Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, Miles Davis, Tony Iommi, John McLaughlin, The Residents, Wes Montgomerey, Ween, Kirk Hammett, Kerry King, Captain Beefheart, Joe Satriani, and Jason Becker.

My main gear includes a '97 Fender strat with 3 humbuckers and a Floyd rose, a Few fretless Les Pauls, a PRS archtop, a six string banjo(I think it's a Goldtone), and an Alembic Picollo bass(Bass tuned up one octave). I recently switched over to a Stereo setup with two Roland JC-120 amps each driven by an Alembic bass preamp with one amp dedicated to effects. My effects are wah, distortion, flange, chorus, and a Roland Harmonizer.

Some books and magazines that influenced me:Anarchists cookbook, Theaurus of Melodic patterns and scales, That massive book Joe Pass wrote on how to solo any over any chord with any scale in any key, Guitar for the practicing musician, and Pat the bunny(I like fuzzy stuff).

I also play in the band N.Y.T.T., which is based in Mississippi, and has Bob Claypool on bass, me on first guitar and banjo, Grande Johnson on second guitar, and Drumboy peters on drums. We're kind of like a heavy primus with a lot of banjo stuff.

Musical Influences

  • Bassists:Les Claypool and Vic Wooten
  • Guitar:Larry LaLonde,Joe Pass, and Buckethead
  • Cheap horror flicks

Favorite Recordings

  • Anything by Monty Python
  • Picture of Nectar by Phish
  • Anything by primus