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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Greetings fellow Guitarists of The World!

Wholenote has provided me with a True Home for sharing experiences of Guitar Playing and Enjoyment.

I hope that we may all find something of mutual benefit and interest - my own Lessons are in the form of a musical ScrapBook.

You can also check out my Facebook or ReverbNation Pages.

Enough About Me Already

I am a Software Engineer by profession, and a Guitarist by nature. I neither teach Guitar nor play regularly in a band. I do however, have over 40 years self-taught experience of playing the Guitar.

My style of playing is undoubtedly best described as being my own. I suppose one would call it Classical in origin, yet I know very few classical tunes. I would also have to admit to using elements of Folk and Country, yet I play few folk tunes on guitar.

The word which best describes my style, and to which I will most readily respond, is Acoustic, yet I have a passion for Guitar Synthesizers and Effects and the possibilities they create for Solo Performance.

Well I hope that's clear enough for you.

Musical Influences

  • Robert Fripp/King Crimson
  • John McLaughlin et Al. (Di Meola)
  • J.S.Bach/Philip Glass/Steve Reich