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The official page for the band 'Murmor'

This is the page of a brand new indie/punk band called 'Murmor'

Well you've never heard of us, don't lie, you haven't. We are made up of;

David Fliski, Lead guitar James Wyatt, Vocals and Bass guitar David Hing, Chorus guitar and vocals Gareth Wyatt, Drums.

We are currently working on writing songs and we could do with some tips on how to do so. If you have any methods that are usefull and work, Please E-mail me. This page is written by me, Dave Fliski. I currently own a Mexican Fender Stratocaster but I have just purchased an Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty which is an excellent guitar.

The music that has made me who I am today;

I grew up listening to Blur who I still enjoy. I then discovered the skill of Nirvana who influenced me enough to start playing the guitar. Nowadays I listen to ; Placebo, Foo Fighters,Eels, Rage against the machine and many many others.

Musical Influences

  • Dave Grohl
  • Tom Morrello
  • Curt Cobain

Favorite Recordings

  • Placebo's 'Nancy Boy'
  • R.A.T.M's 'Killing in the name'
  • Nirvana's 'Lithium'