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Divine Wings

"All by myself"

Hi my name is Craig A Barry and not many people know that! I live in Birmingham England I can't be bothered to create another home page so I used this my friend Melissa Sue uses it {check her page out}. My real home page is Anyway I am in a band called Endless Nameless well it called either that or Divine Wind we have not decided on a permanent name as of yet. I have been playing guitar since my 17th birthday last year {1999}, but only seriously since March this year. I brought my first electric guitar in January this year {2000}. I love playing a lot of Nirvana, GOLDFINGER, Green Day, and uh hum Movie Themes. Anyway my first song was called Life I still add to it even now it is a huge epic with few chords. The other first song I wrote was The Sand's Of Time this is just open strings on the second frett played with held down strings in a weird way. The next song for me to make that was good was called Contradiction this is my best song as far as I am concerned it incorporates a bit of my potential but not a lot. One song that still haunts me till this day that I wrote a few months back is Divine Wind this song is about suicide and it disturbs some people on this subject but it has to be said this song rules. Well enough self esteem have a nose around tell me what you think at my email address.

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"If 6 were 9 I don't mind"

I am very lucky to have a father who is not only great on guitar but has a varied taste in music. He owns a lot of original vinyls which are extremely old and rare. I collect Nirvana vinyls and NOFX's myself so far I have a priceless copy of Bleach a white vinyl numbered "251" copy of Unplugged In New York and Nevermind. I also own a 45 of Come As You Are. I have most of Nirvana's recordings on bootlegs and MP3. NOFX vinyls I own - The Decline, Pump Up the Vallum, Pods And Gods, THE PRMC Can Suck on This,F--- The Kids, Punk In Drublic, Eating Lamb, Liberal Animation,Louise And Liza, White Trash Two Heebs And A Bean - I think that's all. Anyway enough of that if you would like to email me as this page does not really do me any justice then please do so.
Craig, Baz, Barry or wotever

Musical Influences

  • Nirvana, The Doors, The Foo Fighters, Oasis {sorry gotta put that down} lately I have also found Dent to be a heavy influence
  • Jimi Hendrix, Monster Magnet, The Def Tones, Led Zeppelin, Placebo, Travis, Paul Edwards, The Strawbs, Petter Frapton, Sublime
  • The Goo Goo Dolls, Kurt Cobain, Santana, GOLDFINGER, Saber Wolf, Lynard Skynard, s--- erm a lot more I can't fit them on soz!!!!

Favorite Recordings

  • Nirvana - Bleach - album , Travis Baby One More Time Cover - Single B side {funnyest cover ever}, Dent Seven And A Half Weeks In Pope Street
  • Hendrix The Home Recordings - Album
  • The Unbelievable Truth - Finest Little Space {single}