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Howzit out there!

My name's Llewellyn Pearce ["Llew" for short] I'm a 25yr old South African male who's mad about guitar and cricket.

More useless info:

I'm currently on the road with a Christian band by the name of Khanyisa. Our style mixes african and other influences into what our record company refers to as "Afro-urban-pop". Basically though, I get to play mostly "kwela" guitar mixed with funk and rock stuff. I also throw in a bit of jazz when no-one's looking :) Mostly we tour the USA, but we've been to Europe and China and a couple of places you probably haven't heard of! Check out our website at

Musical Influences

  • Mike Stern
  • Danny Bridgens
  • Pat Martino

Favorite Recordings

  • Larry Carlton's "Last Night"
  • Dixie Dreg's "Bring 'em back alive"
  • James Taylor Live - Sir Mike Landau on Guitar