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My name is Bill, but those that know me best here in Hawai'i call me Dux [pronounced Dukes]. This is my last name. And I welcome you all to do the same.


Being a product of the 60's & 70's [I'm 62], my roots were in rock. I literally ate this stuff up. During this time however, [the mid 60's] I was introduced to the Bossa Nova and was blown away by this genre of music. There was an album [can't remember the name] that was done by Laurindo Almeida & Stan Getz that still gives me goose bumps to this day; and it was then that I took up learning how to play fingerstyle.

In the late 70's I heard Beck's "Blow By Blow" and was floored. This was followed by the discovery of Jazz Fusion--with artists like Al Di Meola, Larry Carlton, and Jean Luc Ponty....etc. And where [I assume] Beck was pulling his inspiration from. When this happened, I switched over , and am currently trying to learn Jazz, and teaching myself Music Theory & Composition. I have been working on this to this day.

Music Samples

Musical Influences

  • Steven Stills, Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Al Di Meola, Gentle Giant
  • Laurindo Almeida, Steely Dan, James Taylor
  • Leon Chalnick, Chris Polak, Christopher Sung

Favorite Recordings

  • Kid Charlemagne, Don't Give It Up, So What
  • Menina Moca, Outra Vez, Winter Moon
  • Too Many To List