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Who Am I?

I'm Bill Glover. I'm 44, married, and have three sons whose existence have severely retarded my progress as a guitarist (totally worth it). In college I sang for a Hardcore band called PREMONITION. We were around between '92 and '95 and released a demo, a split 7", a 7", appeared on several compilations, and toured the US. Not bad work for such little time.

I also played guitar in a deathcore band called A PLAGUE CALLED MAN (Phoenix, AZ). Check us out at called man.


Guitars: I mainly alternate between my ESP/LTD Viper and my ESP/LTD MH-250 NT. Both guitars have Emg-81s installed at the bridge position. I also own an Ibanez S-470. In my mind that's a lot of guitars for someone with such little ability.

Amps: My main rig is a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier ('90s two channel). I also dabble with a Marshal 15 watt practice amp.

FX: I use a Digitech RP-100 quite a bit. Nice for late night Jam sessions using headphones. Early on a bought an assortment of DOD pedals...not the best quality but you can get some ugly sounds out of them when you use them all in conjunction.


Admittedly, Hardcore/punk and Metal still strike my fancy the most, but I enjoy a diverse array of sounds...from blues to classical..and artists as different as Slayer and Billy Holiday.

On the none musical front I'm interested in politics, economics, culture, religion etc. I work for a large corporation which may color some of my anti-corporate rants just a shade hypocritical. But hey, life is compromise, and I'll do what I need to to take care of my family.

Musical Influences

  • Steve Von Till, Aarron Turner,Jimi Hendrix, Dave Knudsen
  • Chis Bald, Scott Kelly,
  • Mike Kirsch, Chuck Shuldiner,

Favorite Recordings

  • Darkest Hour - all, Pelican - all,
  • Neurosis- all, Mastodon - "Remission"
  • At the Gates- "Terminal Spirit Disease"