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Vist my bands web site Its fast twitch, bad itch, light switch, flap jack, cut ya no slack, stab you in the back, pain bringin, bad signin, all up in your face ringin, hatin one way, hate the other, hate your mom, don't hate each other, cut your throat, throw ya in a moat, off the side of a boat, sassy, classy, a little bit trashy, un coordinated, discobobulated, Inattentive, californiated, slanderin, pandering, make ya feel like manderin, chinese clock, smooth river rock, The main man vulcan doctor spock, feel the presure, feel the rush, speak up son, don't pee in the brush, knock your socks off, knock your block off, hurts so bad you just trot off, postman rings twice, polar ice, patty rice, bicep, tricep, get your excercise on a stairstep, greenhouse effect, greespan direct, greenshire protected, Rock And Roll.

Musical Influences

  • Fice Iron Frenzy
  • Led Zepplin
  • Brian Setzer

Favorite Recordings

  • Upbeats and Beat downs
  • Skaluiah Too
  • All the Hype Your Money Can Buy

Favorite Lessons